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BIP Capital has learned from and worked with some of the brightest and most talented entrepreneurs, operators and investors in the Southeast. For over a decade, we have built relationships through the ups and downs of building outstanding companies. These relationships have been instrumental in our growth, and we want to share their Warrior Spirit with those in our ecosystem.

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May 18th

Risk and Reward in Venture Capital

Mark Buffington is widely considered to be among the Southeast’s best venture investors, with over 10 years of hands-on experience with early-stage ventures. Mark is also a successful entrepreneur himself, having founded several different companies. With this perspective, he will walk us through how he and the BIP Capital team manage risks around a potential investment, from leadership and strategy to product and market size.

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mark-buffington Mark Buffington

July 27th

Building and Scaling an efficient saas sales team

A key leader from one of BIP Capital’s portfolio will walk us through how they have scaled their sales team to allow them to become one of Atlanta’s fastest growing SaaS companies.

dave-keil TBD

September 28th

Be the VC: How a vc looks at a potential investment

Hear a pitch from a company BIP Capital is reviewing, and walk through the analysis and diligence process with the BIP Capital team.

bip-team-logo BIP Capital Team

November 16th

Am I ready to raise venture money?

As a Vice President at BIP Capital, Cres is on the front lines looking for new investment opportunities. Based on the thousans of companies he has seen, as well as 2 of his own (one bootstrapped and one venture-backed), Cres will share his experience on what it takes to raise money from
venture firms.

cres-ferrel Cres Ferrell

January 25th

Talent wins: How to attract (and screen for) exceptional talent

Christy is currently the CEO of AchieveIt, and has spent the last year and a hald building and scaling her team, while experiencing explosive growth. Mark runs talent acquisition for BIP Capital; in this role he helps portfolio companies find the right "A players." Christy and Mark will walk through their method for hiring exceptional talent, including what to look for, and what to avoid. Hint: Run a process.

christy-johnson Christy Johnson
mark-flickinger Mark Flickinger